Fixing​ ‘No Internet Connection’ on Google Play Store

Alot of times we get this “No internet connection ” error on Google playstore even with the presence of a stable internet connection, today we are going to be you showing 6 ways to get rid of this problem.

1. Clear Google Play store Cache: Android OS keeps cache of Google Play Store items in order to quickly serve content to users and to save bandwidth at same time. But sometimes, it causes issue and could be the reason for the connection error. Hence it is wise to clear the cache and restart your playstore.

Go to settings>>apps>>Scroll down to Google Play store>>Clear data cache and ok
2. Change or Re-Login Your Google Account: f you previously changed the security settings or password of your Google account. You need to update the account settings on your Android device. Also, you can switch to other account.
Go to Settings > Accounts > GoogleTap your primary Google accountOpen options from right top corner, click remove account.Now open Play Store, it will ask you to login your Google account again.
3. Uninstall Updates: Google playstore automatically makes changes to your device without your permission. In a case where the changes are negative, it is wise you uninstall changes and revert back to the previous version to fix the connection issue.
Go to settings>>Apps>>Scroll down to apps>>Google Playstore… Uninstall updates and you are good to go.
4. Disconnect any VPN you have installed on your smartphone before you connect to playstore
>> For advanced users only. If you rooted your Android device, do the following.
Open File Manager App.Browse to root/system/etc.Delete hosts.txt file
5. Fix Date & Time Setting: The only thing that makes me change my date and time is when I intend to cheat on my Candy crush Saga game; and any attempt to forget to change it back will give you connection error except date and time is set correctly.

Go to settings>>Date & time>> Set it to automatic and you are good to go.

6. Finally, Factory Reset Your Phone: If you’ve tried all the listed option above and nothing seems to work for you, then you may have to factory reset your phone. Before you do that, it is advisable to back up your file, documents and applications.
Go to Settings>>Backup and reset>>click factory data reset.


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