Few months ago Tecno mobile launched the Camon CX ,an upgrade to it predecessor (Camon C9). The device boast of a 16Mega Pixel Selfie camera which is perfect tool to upgrade your selfie game to another level, with host of enhanced selfie feature like the real-time filters and the face beautification feature to make every selfie you take look even better.

After reviewing the device camera, today I bring to you the wider selfie mode which I personally tagged ” Wefie Mode”. This mode is perfect for those moments when you want everyone to fit into that group Selfie.

How can I take a Wide-angle Selfie?

It’s simple just follow this easy instructions…

First you launch your camera app like you want to take a regular picture.

Secondly you tap on the camera switch icon to change to front camera selfie mode. Then click on the mode icon.

Thirdly Choose the Wide-angle Selfie mode 

Press the shutter on the screen and move your device left then to right to record the angles.

When you’re done covering the whole angle, camera automatically saves image.

Below is a picture taken with the Wide-angle Selfie mode.

Wide angle sample

Below is a picture taken with regular Selfie mode at exactly the same position.

Regular Selfie sample

More to come on this lovely device.


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